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        Consorzio Italiano per il Telerilevamento dell'Ambiente e dell'Agricoltura

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Consorzio ITA was established 1978  to develop the application of remote sensing applied to agriculture statistics. The members of the Consortium are: ENVICAST  S.r.L. and ITALECO (EDICOMP Group). Since 1978 ITA has developed technologies and know-how in various sectors of statistics applications to agriculture, mainly in area sampling frame, ground surveys and quality assurance and control dedicated to the production of agriculture statistics. ITA is a leader in the production of agricultural and woodland statistics, both through joint processing of ground truth data and of remote sensing images and farmer interviews. It also has extensive experience in different environmental ground phenomena modeling and in the production of thematic maps.

It develops and implements geographic information systems to manage the graphic and alphanumerical data related to environmental projects.

Since 1992 ITA is involved in the IACS for the remote sensing application and in this sector has developed the EUROPAC software for managing geographical and alfa-numerical data related to agricultural parcel control using GIS and satellite images.

Several EU projects were carried out by Consorzio ITA including: rapid estimates (MiniSites), agricultural statistics (Regional inventories, Lucas 2001 and 2003), olive trees statistics (Oli stat, Oli area) .

The main specializations and activities of Consorzio ITA:

bulletSampling frame construction (AREA, LIST and POINT FRAMES).
bulletDevelopment of statistical estimators for the estimate of crop areas and production.
bulletLandscape stratification to increase the efficiency of sampling frames.
bulletLand use ground survey on segments and points using appropriate field documents such as ortho photos and cartography.
bulletFarms interview using direct approaches in the field.
bulletFarm interviews by phone.
bulletLand cover use mapping using satellite data and ground surveys.
bulletSatellite image classification for crop area and production estimation.
bulletDevelopment of objective crop yields estimation system.
bulletGround surveys for crop yield determination at harvest.
bulletAgro-meteorological model development.
bulletRapid crop area estimation for the determination of the CAP plafond.
bulletIACS development system for parcels control using satellite data.
bulletStudies for the construction of olive trees and vineyard cadastres using new generation satellite data.
bulletForestry statistics using the point frame approach.
bulletGIS development for the construction of advanced agricultural systems.
bulletPrecision farming.
bulletTechnical assistance to foreign governments in setting up control systems in agriculture.
bulletDrought analysis using agro-meteorological and satellite data.
bulletEconometric model development and implementation for the evaluation of the crop damage due to drought and other adverse meteorological events (wind, hail, flooding, etc.).
bulletRemote sensing data acquisition by means of airborne sensors (lidar and multispectral)
bulletRemote sensing data processing.
bullet Satellite image processing (Atmospheric calibration , orthoimage production, classification, synthetic image elaboration)
bulletAirborne data acquisition (ITA disposes of ALTM and CASI Sensors)
bulletAirborne data processing (DTM and DEM production, calibration and orthoimage production)
bulletThematic mapping (Land use and land cover maps, urban maps, erosion maps, .)
bulletEnvironmental monitoring using different satellite data: Landsat, IRS, Spot, AVHRR, MODIS, ERS, EnviSat, RadarSat and VHR data as IKONOS and QuickBird data.
 Consorzio ITA
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