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Main Projects

In more than 30 years of activity, Consorzio ITA has acquired vast experience in several fields. During the last 10 years ITA has been involved in the following related projects:

(1)  GMFS 2

In Joint Venture with VITO :validation of products carried out during the 3 years project by means of SAR image and optical low resolution data in Malawi and Zimbabwe. During the development of the project the following activities have been performed under the responsibility of ITA:

bulletSampling Frame for the validation products;
bulletPreparation of the ground survey documents and training for the GPS utilization on the ground as well for the use of Digital Camera;
bulletTraining for caring out the field works in Malawi and Zimbabwe;
bulletValidation of SAR products with the contribution of the field work data with the aim to estimate the acreage of the arable land;
bulletMeteorological data acquisition and collection of crop yields and related historical series for corn yield estimation and prediction, Data Base organization and construction;
bulletCorn yield estimation by means of agro meteorological model and vegetation indexes derived by low satellite resolution data;
bulletEvaluation of the performance of the model without or with the contribution of satellite images.

(2)  AMESD-In JOINT VENTURE with other European partners (Thales-IRD-BRL)

For the development of this important project for the African Countries. During 18 months of activities, ITA has had the responsibility for the following Regional Implementation Centers :

bulletAGRHYMET (Niger):crop and rangeland water resources;
bulletBOZTWANA :food security and environment.

The duration of the project has been foreseen for 4 years and at the end of it a very important networking related of satellite images, products and data will be available for the environmental management of the sub-saharian regions and countries.

(3)  HAITI

Project in progress carried out jointly with a Belgian company and financed by the FED of the European Union, during the project the following THEMA will be developed using remote sensing satellite images at different geometric resolutions.

bulletFood security and agricultural information;
bulletGlobal Monitoring;
bulletWatershed management;
bulletlandscape management;
bulletNatural parks management,
bulletInfrastructures and geodesy development trough GIS technology

During the project satellite images ,low and high resolution satellite images have been used for the preparation of different products: land use and forestry maps, mapping of drainage and river network ,preparation of the sampling frame for agricultural statistics and crop production, soil erosion evaluation and remediation.

(4)  AGRIT

Agriculture statistics forecasts - Objective of this project was to estimate the area and production of major Italian crops based on POINT FRAME sampling, applied over the entire Italian territory. From 1988 until 2000, the crop area estimation was based on an aerial sampling system of about 5500 segments (50 ha). The point frame was introduced in 2001 and it still represents the most updated Italian agriculture statistical system. The project involved the following activities:

bulletDetermination of approximately 80.000 observation points over 20 Italian regions, based on the results of application of a specific algorithm;
- Preparation of base maps for ground surveys to determine land use in the observation units. A total of 80.000 imagettes were prepared, about 3.000 orthophotos were printed at scale 1:10.000;
bulletField surveys in approx. 80.000 observation points in three different periods of the growing season;
bulletQuality controls in approx. 5% of the points stated above;
bulletQuality controls assisted by MiPAF personnel in approx. 2% of the points stated above;
-Acquisition and processing of 2 satellite image coverages of Italian territory referring to May and July-August;
bulletSimulation of major crop yields using SAM (Spectral Agro-meteorological Model);
bulletImage processing after having performed geometric corrections using DTM with pixel size of 250x250 m;
bulletEstimate of crop areas and production using specific estimators;
bulletIssue of 4 bulletins containing statistics on examined crops.
bulletAgri-enviromental Statistics.Click here to learn more.... 

(5)  LUCAS

Construction of a point frame (area frame means that the observation units are territorial subdivisions instead of agricultural holdings) to collect land use/cover information, particularly regarding the agricultural component. In Italy Consorzio ITA developed the following activities:

bulletReview of LUCAS sampling plan to increase compatibility with the AGRIT sampling plan;
bulletPreparation of survey material according to EUROSTAT specifications;
bulletSelection and training of surveyors;
bulletImplementation of a survey on approx. 980 PSU (Primary Sampling Units) from May to June over the entire national territory;
bulletInterviews to farmers identified in the PSU, for acquisition of agro-environmental data and information on agricultural practices;
bulletQuality control on 5% of the PSU;
bulletExhaustive control of GPS data acquired during the survey;
bulletData input and quality control;
bulletPreparation of reports and products provided to EUROSTAT;
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The project’s main objective is the estimation of land use/cover areas and area changes at provincial level using a point-frame approach. Points to be observed were sampled systematically by superimposing a regular grid (500 m cellsize) over the whole Italian territory (1.200.000 points). Each point sampled is classified according to a 26 items nomenclature by photointerpretation of digital orthophfotos. The frame of observed points is also an effective tool to project and optimize field surveys based on the point-frame approach.


Regional agriculture statistics inventory for the Piemonte region (Italy) using satellite data and ground observation on 1100 segments.  Click here to learn more....


 Pilot project for the estimation of maize and sunflower crop areas, using point sampling.

(9)  MINISITES Project:

Estimation of land use change by scattered mini sites over the Italian and Benelux territory using satellite images and ground observations on segments measuring 49 ha (Mars project – Action 4).

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